George Street Dental

Our Mission:

“Our aim has always been to understand the goals of our patients and help create the smile they’ve always dreamed of.”

About Us:

George Street Dental is an internationally-renowned dental laboratory based in the heart of London’s West End. For the last 30 years, we have been a leader in aesthetic dentistry and implantology.

George Street Dental is a full service laboratory offering Implants, crown & bridge, cad-cam scanning and restorative work.

Our state of the art facilities have been custom-designed to provide our team of highly skilled technicians with the perfect environment to deliver a gold-standard service.

Our newly-refurbished lecture room offers a professional environment for talks, courses and demos. The space comfortably seats up to 20 people and is fully equipped with a presentation screen and refreshments. A wide variety of excellent cafes and restaurants can also be found under than a minute’s walk away.

Please contact us for more information and bookings.

Dental Care In Bedford TX

Noted as the finest dentist in Bedford, this is the ultimate solution for patients in town.

Whether it is a root canal treatment or simple checkups, you will want to go with the best dentist in Bedford TX. This is a clinic that is proud to deliver exceptional results and continues to earn the respect of its patients.

State-of-the-Art Clinic

This clinic has been constructed with the patient’s needs in mind including high-quality chairs, top-tier furniture, and everything else associated with modern-day clinics.

Those looking to feel safe in their new clinic will enjoy being here. This is a team that has gone above and beyond to make sure patients feel at home with what is in front of them.


Being able to go to a certified team is one of the biggest requirements in place for those needing high-grade results. Why settle for less when this dental clinic is willing to work hard for its patients?

The dental team is fully certified and has been working in the region for generations. It’s a team that is ready to assist and always has the patient’s best interests in mind.

Welcoming Team

The team appreciates the importance of putting patients at ease and making sure things are done properly. Keeping this in mind, all treatment options are fully verified and are completed by qualified dental professionals. These specialists have worked in the area for years and are always looking to put their best foot forward when it comes to welcoming new patients.

Feel right at home here in the heart of Bedford!

Elite Equipment

Want to receive treatment with the best dental equipment in Bedford?

This clinic is home to some of the region’s finest equipment ensuring patients are able to receive world-class treatment in seconds. Why deal with a solution that isn’t modernized when it’s possible to go with a clinic that cares? This is a one-stop solution for those looking to take the next step with their dental health and want the best equipment on hand for their teeth.

The equipment is refined, tested, and ideal for all types of patients. This clinic prides itself on using the finest options.

To learn more about what this dentist has to offer in the heart of Bedford, take the opportunity to book a quick appointment. A qualified dentist will sit down and assess your teeth before coming up with a viable treatment plan.

Professional Dental Care Services

Bad teeth and poor oral hygiene don’t just take away your smile and confidence, according to research, poor oral health might also be a cause of broken dreams. If you have discolored teeth or cavities, you might as well say goodbye to some jobs. Some jobs today require candidates to not only have the required credentials, but they’ve also got to have a bright smile. Fortunately, with professional dental care, you can get premium dental services at an affordable price and be able to restore your gorgeous smile.

Pro dental services have excellent facilities to make sure that the patient is comfortable and cozy especially since people are often anxious when taking a trip to the dentist. Check out this dentist Hurst TX ; they provide a plethora of professional dental care services. Not sure what you need? Here are some of the most common professional dental care services:

Preventive Dentistry & Orthodontics

Preventive care covers services that involve dental hygiene services, mouth-guards, periodontal treatment, scaling, sealants, fluoride, etc. Do you need you jaw or teeth realigned? Do you need to prevent and correctly position your kid’s teeth? Orthodontics will help prevent and treat malocclusion.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to improve your smile? Then cosmetic dentistry which involves dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures might be the best solution for you. Professional dental care services utilize the latest techniques and technologies when delivering cosmetic services. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing you are going to receive top-tier services.

Emergency Dental Services

Professional dental care services can help treat a variety of emergency dental problems including a toothache, infection or pain. Other dental emergencies include oral trauma, bleeding gums, lost filing, swelling, broken dentures or an accident that caused injuries in the mouth. Whenever you have a dental emergency, book an immediate appointment with your dentist.

Surgical Dentistry & Oral Cancer Screening

Dental surgeries might involve procedures such as wisdom teeth removal. On the other hand, professional dental care services might cover oral cancer testing.

Create a bright and beautiful smile with professional dental care.